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Myths Around Fitness

by Jun 19, 2020Fitness0 comments

We all know a myth or two that someone has told us or you read it somewhere. But how true are these myths?

Well believe it or not you get Fitness myths as well, as funny as it may sound a lot of people believe absolutely everything they hear or read. Think some of you might have heard about the ones that I am going to talk about.

The most common “myth” that we as trainers hear on a regular basis is….If women lift heavy weights they will look like a man.

This is so far from the truth. Its impossible for woman to look like a man when doing heavy weights. Woman don’t have enough testosterone like men do so physically we can’t built like them. Then you ask but I have seen woman that are built like men and do even look like men. Well those woman use hormones to get like that, usually for bodybuilding competitions. So ladies don’t shy away from heavy weights it will only give you that sexy toned body you want, guaranteed!

Then another “myth” we get a lot is that people believe that when you stop gyming, and you were very muscular “your muscles turn into fat”. To be honest if you do bodybuilding and have a 3500 calorie intake to maintain that physique, and all of a sudden you stop training(stop with bodybuilding all together) but still eat that amount of calories, then yes, you will become fat but its not muscle that turns into fat just remember that. You simply loose the muscle mass and gain body fat. So when you stop or maybe start doing less exercise always remember to adjust your calorie intake accordingly, because obviously you are not burning the same amount of calories as you use to when you exercised.

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